Welcome to the first ever gathering of Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews in solidarity with Palestine and in partnership with JVP!

Want to meet other Jews of Color who have ideas or questions about what does it mean to work with other Jews of Color to gain freedom, justice, and equality for everyone in Israel and Palestine? Then this meeting is for you!

Are you a Mizrahi or Sephardic Jew not sure if the label Jew of Color applies to you?
Are you a Jew of Color who cannot bring your full self to most Jewish spaces?
Have you experienced white Ashkenazi centrism in the Jewish organizing in solidarity with Palestine?
Do you want to express your solidarity with Palestine, but not sure how?
Are you a Person of Color / mixed race with Jewish heritage that you would like to explore further with people of similar backgrounds?


You may have these questions or others – or you may want to share your answers too! Welcome!

We are here to build community and to create a powerful response, where intersectionality is more than just a buzzword.

This meeting is sponsored by the caucus of Jews of Color in solidarity with Palestine, working in partnership with JVP. Want to know more about us? Here’s our introductory call.

Have questions? Email us here: jocsm@jvp.org

We look forward to building together with you.