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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the 2017 National Member Meeting. Have a question that’s not on this list? Feel free to reach out to for more information.

Where are the NMM and the JOCSM convening happening?

Both the NMM and the JOCSM convening are taking place at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The address of the hotel is 2233 S. King Dr. The hotel is located in the South Loop, about a 10 minute walk from Chinatown. More information on the hotel can be found here.

How many attendees are coming to the 2017 NMM?

We are expecting 900 attendees! This will be our biggest NMM ever.

Why is this year’s NMM so expensive?

It’s expensive to bring people together in a relatively ethical and efficient way for three full days of work together. There are two main factors in the cost. First, hotels are just expensive for a gathering of this size – but we haven’t found a better or cheaper way to get all of us into the same place, be fed, have access to technology, lodging, and transit than a hotel. We also have a commitment to being in a union hotel, which adds costs we think are worth it from political and movement-building perspectives.

To mitigate the cost we are committed to providing a Travel Fund, sliding-scale registration, and to helping facilitate other ways to actually save costs – for example, setting up the rideshare board. Two-thirds of all participants will get some sort of financial support, and we’re putting 28% of our total budget into direct travel and lodging support. This all costs money and requires staff time to develop – but is an important expression of how much we all need to be in the same place to help JVP get our work to the next level.

Because we see the NMM as a top priority in our organizing, that is reflected in our budget: JVP does not make any money off of the National Member Meeting. Fees for registration, program book ads, tabling, etc. help us recuperate just a portion of the cost of the NMM. About 2/3s of the NMM is covered by these fees, and we pay for the rest out of our General Operating Fund.

We also have support available if you need to do fundraising to get yourself to Chicago – please see below under ‘What if I can’t afford the registration fees?

How do I get a discount on registration?

The total cost per person is close to $600. Because this year’s NMM is the largest (and most expensive!) ever, we have a relatively limited number of discount codes available for registration. That said, we are committed to helping as many people as possible. We are therefore offering various levels of discounted rates for over 60% of NMM attendees.

Leaders: Chapter, council, and other member leaders were provided with a Leader Discount code and can use that to pay a rate of $180. If you are a member leader and you need, but did not receive, this discount code, please get in touch with a chapter leader or your local/regional JVP staff organizer.

Members at Large: Additionally, there are a very limited number of discounted rates ($72 and $180) available by application on the registration form itself. Those who wish to fill out an application for these rates can save their application information and return to it once they have received a response about the discount code. Our intention is for these codes to be distributed based on need, and that those who can stretch with us to afford the higher rates will do so. These codes are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, and are very limited in number. You will find the application for discount codes once you start the registration process, or you can go directly to the application here.

JOCSM: The Jews of Color, Sephardic, Mizrahi (JOCSM) caucus also has a limited number of comp, $72, and $180 rate codes to distribute to attendees who identify as JOCSM. The application for these codes can also be found on the registration page. For more information visit or the new caucus blog at You will find the application for JOCSM discount codes once you start the registration process, or you can go directly to the application here.

Standard Rate: Finally, the standard rate of $360 is in fact heavily discounted by JVP, and does not require a discount code. Anyone can select and pay this rate when registering for the NMM.

What if I can’t afford the registration fees?

JVP National is providing fundraising support to individuals and chapters interested in raising additional funds to cover travel, registration, and housing.

For Chapters: If your chapter is interested in accessing fundraising tools and support provided by JVP national you must fill out this application and this budget sheet by Dec. 9th.

For Members-at-Large: After you have completed your registration for the NMM, you will find a link to the application for travel scholarships and fundraising assistance. To access fundraising tools and support provided by JVP, you must fill out your registration and travel scholarship application by Dec. 9th.

If you have questions about fundraising support for attending the NMM, please contact JVP Development Coordinator Audrey Bruner at

When is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is March 1st, however we anticipate selling out before then.

How do I apply for a homestay, book a room, or apply for a travel stipend?

Links to all of these applications and more are found on the landing page once you register. Additionally, registrants will receive a confirmation email that contains the link to that landing page, so they can return to it at any time.

I want to arrange a carpool to get to/from Chicago or to/from the NMM within Chicago, can JVP help me?

We have set up this message board for attendees to coordinate ride sharing amongst themselves. You will also find this link on the landing page after completing registration.

Will there be childcare at the NMM?

Yes. If you plan to bring children to the NMM, please make sure you fill out the access form that is available on the landing page after registration, and let us know your childcare needs.

What meals are included in my registration fees?

Breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday are included, as well as several snack and coffee breaks. Participants are on their own for dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Is the NMM accessible for me?

For information on accessibility at the NMM, visit the accessibility section of this website.

What is the JOCSM convening on March 31st?

For information on the JOCSM convening, visit


The following information includes travel information provided by the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place:

Chicago Airport Shuttles & Transportation:

SHUTTLE SERVICE FROM O’HARE INT’L AIRPORT: GO Airport Express- 1-888-284-3826 (mention Hyatt group code HRMP) or go to Ticket counters are located across from baggage claim areas of terminals 1, 2 & 3 and outside US Customs in terminal 5 outside Door D. The last shuttle leaves O’Hare at 10:30 PM daily. Advanced reservations are highly recommended.

(1 person) $34.94 per person one way / $62.94 per person round trip

Private van service is available for up to 9 passengers.

GO Airport Express- 1-888-284-3826 (mention Hyatt group code HRMP) or go to Ticket counter and loading zone is located by Southwest Airlines baggage claim on the Lower Level.

(1 person) $29.94 per person one way / $52.94 per person round trip

Private van service is available for up to 10 passengers

Vans depart airport approximately every 15-20 minutes. Vans depart the hotel throughout the day and advanced reservations are highly recommended.

Vans are white with green lettering with “GO Airport Express” on the side. For more information call 888-284-3826 and mention Hyatt group code HRMP or go to

** Service for physically challenged guests is available. Reservations are needed 1 day in advance for this service.

GO Airport Express also provides sedan, limousine and group services at the above contact information.

Please contact our Concierge Department at 312-528-6510 for reservations.

Located on the lower level/baggage claim of each terminal, taxis are available at the taxi staging area. A ride from O’Hare Airport to the hotel takes approx. 45 minutes and costs between $40-$45. From Midway Airport, fares range between $20-$25.

Hyatt Regency McCormick is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Cermak-Chinatown Red Line Station and even closer to the newly opened Cermak-McCormick Green Line Station. The CTA makes stops all throughout downtown Chicago.

Click here for a map that will guide you from the CTA’s green line train station to Hyatt Regency McCormick Place.

Hotel and Housing

Please note that we have a special room block for NMM attendees at our meeting hotel, the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. We strongly urge you to book your hotel room through this link. Booking through us will guarantee you the JVP group rate of $189/room/night for 1-2 guests; $205/room/night for 3 guests; and $225/room/night for 4 guests (limited availability).

  • The cutoff date for these reduced rates for NMM participants is March 3, 2017, so please book soon!
  • Need help finding a roommate at the hotel? Check out this “Roommates Wanted” message board!
Alternative Housing
  • Book a room at Hostelling International, about 2 miles from the NMM venue, at the special JVP rate of $42.26/bed/night (limited availability – link provided after registration).
  • Fill out an application to be considered for a homestay with a Chicago-based JVP member (link provided after registration).


When you register for the NMM, please let us know if you have an access need (for instance: ASL interpretation, childcare, scent-free space, or shomer shabbat observance). There will be a form available when registering, and you can also e-mail us at We will do our best to provide in each area. For details on our plans to make the space accessible, you can check out the detailed sections below.

We want the NMM to be for everyone, and to us accessibility means making that as true as possible. We want every participant to be able to engage with the spaces, places and events of the weekend.

We believe the world is set up in ways that deprive our lives and justice movements of the vital contributions of many members of our communities. If people with disabilities, folks of all class backgrounds and income levels, parents of young kids, religiously observant people, and elders cannot safely and fully show up to our work, we and our movements lose.

We think working together to create an accessible event is a core way of living our values about how the world should be, and a necessity for getting everyone in the room who needs to be there!

Some of our members have severe allergies to chemicals and fragrances. In an effort to ensure that we can all participate in the weekend as fully as possible, we ask for your help in not wearing perfumes, washing your clothes with scented detergent, and using other scented products during the weekend. See more information here:, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the e-mail address below. Having the space as fragrance-free as possible is essential so that community members can fully participate. Click here to see an online shopping cart of affordable & vetted fragrance-free products — you can order directly there or use as a reference!

Please get in touch with us at with any questions or ideas!

Shabbat & Religious Observance

We are committed to making the NMM a religiously accessible space. Please be in touch with us via the above e-mail and/or the registration form survey to discuss shomer shabbat and other religious observance accommodations, so we can find a solution that ensures comfortable participation in the event.

Children and Childcare

We will be providing childcare for children of any age, with trained and certified childcare providers, throughout the NMM during all of the program except for mealtimes, when we will ask parents to pick up their children for meals. To sign up for childcare so that we know who to expect and to prepare for your child, please indicate in the Access form that you will receive after you register, or reach out to

Wheelchair access

There is wheelchair access for all rooms within the hotel and conference center: wide hallways, ADA-compliance, & elevators. We will set up workshop and plenary rooms to provide enough distance to move and locations for wheelchair users. The bathroom doors have pull handles but not automatic-opener buttons; there will also be volunteers on call who can assist as needed.

Other physical mobility information
  • Elevators and escalators are available throughout the space.
Visual access
  • Hotel and conference center have braille translation on all permanent signs.
  • Workshop presenters will be given guidelines to increase visibility/readability (large print, high contrast).
  • Large print programs & materials will be available according to request (please let us know on the access form upon registration if you anticipate needing large print).
ASL interpretation

We are committed to having American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation available for folks who need it – please let us know on the access registration form if you need ASL interpretation.

All-gender bathrooms

There will be at least one all-gender multi-stall bathroom in the primary workshop area.

Rest space

A designated quiet & rest space will be available.

Electromagnetic access

The space has wi-fi and other electromagnetic signals throughout.

Fragrance & chemicals

We are committed to supporting chemically sensitive members to attend the NMM safely, and also want to be very clear about the limitations of the space:

  • The event is being held at one of the largest convention centers in North America, we’re expecting 1000 attendees, and we’ll be sharing the hotel and convention center space with outside groups. Given these realities, we won’t be able to ensure or enforce a fragrance-free event space. We are, however, committed to working with the hotel and convention center to reduce fragrance in several ways, detailed below.
  • The hotel and convention center will not use scented cleaning products or sprays through spaces during the course of our event (though they do this regularly otherwise).
  • The hotel and convention center will ensure bathroom soaps are scent-free.
  • The hotel will provide rooms cleaned with vinegar but they are not permanently hypoallergenic rooms, so some fragrances will likely remain. Please indicate your need for such a room on the registration access form. In addition to the hotel, homestays will be available. If you need a fragrance-free homestay, please include that in the registration access form so we can find a suitable option.
  • We will ensure there are fragrance-free zones in all plenaries, and will have a crew of volunteers present to assist in keeping only scent-free participants seated in that area.

Do you have questions, concerns, or information you think is missing? Please reach out to so we can work together towards an accessible NMM. For those unable to come or for whom the space is still inaccessible, there will be virtual options for attending and participating in the meeting – stay tuned for more information!


Press Registration

Members of the press may request press passes to cover the JVP National Membership Meeting. Press passes are limited and will be distributed on a case by case basis. All members of the press who intend to report on the JVP National Membership must be registered and consent to JVP press policy. Members of the press may request a press pass by contacting media program manager Naomi Dann ( If you are interested in arranging interviews with keynote speakers, staff, or members please contact Naomi.

JVP Press Policy

Members of the press are required to register in advance and check in upon arrival. Reporters must identify themselves as press when seeking public comments, must wear their press pass identification at all times, and may not attribute direct quotes without express permission. Jewish Voice for Peace reserves the right to remove members of the press who are disruptive or intentionally misrepresent the views of speakers and attendees. Some workshops will be closed to press at the facilitator’s discretion, a sign on the door will indicate if a session is closed. Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are open to members of the press.

Security: Community of Respect, Trust and Safety

The fundamental goal for this 
weekend is to strengthen
 JVP’s work. And as in everything we do, that means 
our central task over these three 
days is to build and deepen our relationships.

JVP is home to a diverse
 community. Our members bring differences of race, class, gender, sex, sexuality, ability, religion,
 political perspective, and experience into our work. These differences 
are one of our core strengths. And 
so we ask of all of us to bring our best selves to the task of building relationships across those lines of difference.

So that everyone here can participate to their fullest, we ask that you:

  • Treat each participant in this meeting with respect
  • Ensure that neither your words nor actions reinforce unhealthy power dynamics or stereotypes.
  • Respect the limitations of this weekend. In three days we cannot and will not address every question before us or say everything there is to be said.
  • Not place superficially “getting along” above the need for searching debate and principled disagreement.
  • Speak up if you are confused, hurt, or offended.

We also ask that each of us take responsibility for safeguarding JVP’s future throughout this weekend. We know that our political opponents are devoting considerable time and energy to undermining not just JVP as an organization, but our political vision itself. One of the most effective, important steps we can all take, this weekend and always, is simply to make sure that we speak with care and respect for each other, and for the work itself.

Finally, there is a team of staff, board members, and volunteers working 
to make this weekend accessible, safe, 
and productive for us all. The goal of the team is to practice transformative justice and to support the emotional health and well-being of our participants.